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After the Olympics and Jubilee last year we seem to be having a ‘Best of British’ revival. When I saw this great tablecloth embroidered with Union Jacks I couldn’t resist having a go at some Brit shots myself. They have a retro vintage feel and hopefully there is something for both sexes, which is a rarity in my work. Let me know what you think x […] Continue reading →


So it is bitterly cold and snow is covering much of the country but it is actually spring believe it or not. I decided to cosy in today and edit some of my new Spring stock, it has brightened my mood and I hope it will brighten yours too. It always amazes me every year, the sight of these beautiful, cheerful flowers poking their noses out as soon as the days lengthen no matter what the weather. Please check out my stock page for the full Spring range and info on how to purchase stock images x […] Continue reading →

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